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GM Experience: 22 years

Favorite Games: Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Gamma World. TMNT Mutants!

Favorite Character: Marymill Cobblestamp. An adorable southern drawled, little blue dressed Blonde. She's a Forest Gnome & Arcane Cleric, but on the flip side: a Necromancer. Jean Franc, of Baulder's Gate, is the lovely Zombie butler who carries her around!

Fun Fact: I am a retired tattoo artist (9 Years), glass blower(7), Motorcycle mechanic (10), and business owner. Since I am now disabled, I spend my time focused on DnD!



Reason for GMing: I am a story teller by nature. My real life is more interesting and crazy than most fiction. As a Cleric, I like to help us all escape...Into another world. For our mental health, for fun, for adventure!

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