Echoes of Consequence

- D&D 5e Campaign -

4 Hour Sessions   •   $10 per Player

Hosted by Sairra



“Welcome to the nation Ranasha, also known as Final Stand. Whether Immigrant from one of the dying or warring nations, or a native of this, our world’s last Eden, we want to ensure all of you that you matter to us. Everyone here will be playing vital roles in our economy, and as before stated, you will be given roles based off of your skills, and the new needs of your new home. Our nation has survive do thus far because of our unity and ideals and we ask that you carry on this tradition with us, for years to come.”


For this game, all players will have much more creativity both in their character creation and game play. Your party can choose to be good, bad or anything in between. This is an open world with no set story. Many things are happening at once, factions and powers all vying for control. The story you create will be uniquely your own. Can you save the world? Or are you the one shot to end it? The choice will be yours. The only rule? You must do this, together.



(These Are AWESOME and FREE Services)


What To Bring: Nothing but the smile on your face. Also a microphone.

How To Prepare: Players must have an account on Roll20 and on Discord. Both are free services!

When To Arrive: If this is your first game on Zero Session, you MUST arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you have time to fix any issues that may arise with your accounts or hardware. This is pretty important.

Player & GM Safety: Sometimes games have content or situations where a player or GM may feel stressed out, unsafe, or be otherwise not having fun. Games on Zero Session are protected by our Quality Standards, but if after reading our Quality standards you find that there is content or situations that you are concerned about coming up during your session, please tell your Game Master. If anything happens during the session that you are not comfortable with, please speak up or direct message your GM or a member of the Zero Session team.






Story telling for 10 years and Going for 2, and I can't wait to see where our future adventures lead us!



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