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You've got questions and we've got answers.

How do I join a game on Zero Session?

Find a game you like and click the Book Now button. Follow the prompts, enter your payment information, and finalize the booking. After booking, you will receive a confirmation email which will include the link to the game on Roll20, as well as a link to our discord server. You’ll also be given your GM’s discord username so you chat about the upcoming session or even schedule a "Zero Session." After that, all you need to do is log into the Roll20 game and the Discord voice chat server at least 5 minutes before the game is scheduled to start. Please be sure your microphone is functional! Webcams are not required, but can be fun :)

How can I reserve a slot in a weekly campaign?

Eventually we will get the Campaign Subscription process fully automated, but for now you’ll need to contact us directly to get your Campaign Subscription set up. Once you’re subscribed to a weekly campaign your card will be automatically charged a couple days before each session. Your slot will be reserved until you cancel your Campaign Subscription, which you can do at any time.

What is Zero Session’s cancellation policy?

Players can cancel their reservation and receive a full refund up to 48 hours before the session. Cancellations within 48 hours are not eligible for refund unless the booking was less than 48 hours before the start of the session, in which case refund eligibility expires 24 hours after purchase time. It makes sense, I promise!

Are Game Masters employees of Zero Session?

Not at all! Zero Session is an open marketplace. It's a tool that Game Masters can use to list games while remaining independent.

Why should I list my game on Zero Session?

Two reasons: Simplicity and Safety.
We want to make your life easy as a GM so you can stay focused on what’s important - running a great game. Leave the advertising, website, payment processing, and customer support to us! We make it easy. We also do everything we can to make it safe for you and for your players. Our quality standards are there to ensure everyone has a good time, and if there is an issue or dispute we are here to help mediate the problem.

What’s so great about these Quality Standards?

I’m glad you asked. We wrote our Quality Standards based on our team’s years of experience playing and running tabletop RPGs, both online and in person. We even ran them by the fine folks at /r/rpghorrorstories and made some tweaks based on their feedback. We stand behind our Quality Standards and will take very seriously any violation, whether by a Player or a GM. Players can be kicked out of games, and GMs can be removed from our platform if our Quality Standards are not met.

Do I have to run my game if only one Player books?

Game Masters must honor all booked reservations, even if that reservation is for one person. We recommend you start off by running a one shot once or twice and seeing if any of those Players are interested in joining a longer running campaign before listing one.

What if my GM star rating gets too low?

Game Masters with too many negative reviews or an average rating at or below 4.5 may be removed from Zero Session. Generally we will wait until a GM has at least 10 reviews before taking any action, but exceptions may be made.

Why does Zero Session collect a service fee ?

We charge a 20% service fee for each game session to help cover the costs of the services, and support we provide. The amount of the service fee is calculated from the price that GMs set for their game. Players who are looking at games see the total price that they’ll pay to make a booking. GMs are paid out their earnings with the service fee already removed. They don’t need to reimburse us for service fees!

What's Zero Session's story?

When most of our team members lost all income due to the Coronavirus quarantine, we had to figure something out asap. We wanted to create a business that would allow us to make money, but we also wanted to help other people in the same situation make money as well. We wrote down all our skills and interests, and ideas started coming. We’re all big tabletop gamers, both online and in person, and one of our team, Trevor, is the creator of /r/rpghorrorstories, so it just made sense to create a quality controlled online platform where our team and other passionate Game Masters could sell our services.

GMing is hard work, and finding a good weekly game can be tough as a Player or a GM. At Zero Session we’re dedicated to making it easy for GMs and Players alike! Everyone in the game is protected by our Quality Standards, with the guarantee of a full refund if those standards are not met.

Because of the Coronavirus Quarantine all of our games take place online using Roll20 and Discord, BUT once the quarantine is lifted and things get back to normal we'll open Zero Session up to both online and in-person games!

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