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How to pick the best tabletop RPG to play when there are so many to choose from? We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular TTRPGs with details to help you choose the best one for you or your group! There are games like Dungeons & Dragons, and games which are nothing like D&D, so there should be something for everyone :)





Genre: Fantasy           Learning Curve: Moderate

Dungeons and Dragons is a classic that has endured and evolved through the years, and is still the clear leader in the TTRPG market. D&D 5th Edition offers players a system that is relatively easy to use for new players with the guidance of an experience Game Master. It's a flexible game system that excels in the fantasy setting.

Players choose from a set list of 12+ classes, each with exciting class features including spellcasting, combat, shape shiftiness, the works!

Dungeons and Dragons is the best tabletop RPG for players who want a good balance between ease of play and number crunching in the Medieval Fantasy genre.


Genre: Fantasy           Learning Curve: Easy

Dungeon World is often described as “what I thought D&D was before I played D&D.” It’s a system focused on collaborative world building and storytelling, meaning the Game Master isn’t the only one with control over the game world!


Dungeon World has a rules-lite system that’s easily modified, making it easy for the Players and GM to improvise with more freedom than in systems with more restrictive rules. This also means the GM has to do a lot less prep work!


Dungeon World is the best tabletop RPG for collaborative world building and storytelling in the Medieval Fantasy genre.

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Genre: Fantasy           Learning Curve: Easy

When you start a new game of Dungeon Crawl Classics each Player gets FOUR characters, and then they start to die, one by one. Any survivors are promoted to level one. This should give you a good understanding of the system. It’s fast paced and brutal, just as 1974 D&D intended. Of course, as you level up you’ll get tougher!


It’s the classic experience of dungeon crawling, finding secret doors, triggering traps, and being eaten by monsters, but with a modern take on the rules. The Dungeon Crawl Classics world is a strange and dangerous place where Players will likely end up dead, corrupted, or insane. What are you waiting for??


Dungeon Crawl Classics is the best tabletop RPG for brutal old school dungeon crawls in the Medieval Fantasy genre.


Genre: Fantasy           Learning Curve: High

Pathfinder is a complex game, but it's worth the steep learning curve because it offers a deep system of character customization. Pathfinder is an offshoot of D&D 3.5 that almost 10% of all TTRPG players have played. Combat is very tactical and can take a while to complete, but can be very rewarding!

Players choose to play one of 40+ classes and are able to further customize their class with feats as they progress.  There are more rules than D&D 5e, but you can do a lot more!

Pathfinder is best for Players who want to dive into a complex game system featuring tactical combat and truly unique characters classes.

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