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GM Experience: One year

Favorite Games: Call of Cthulhu

Favorite Character: Magnus the Magnificent was a down on his luck magician who stumbled into real magic in my first Call of Cthuluh campaign. He was so naive, lol.

Fun Fact: I'm a professional walking tour guide in New Orleans! As a result, I know LOTS of ghost stories and New Orleans history. Also, I'm using this quarantine to learn to play guitar.



Reason for GMing: It's so fun to create an amazing world, with no idea how things are going to turn out, and watch as the story unfolds. I love to go outside of the normal boundaries and see what each individual wants to bring to the table (figuratively). The absolute best is when the group becomes super tight knit and connected, although it's also really fun to play one-shots with people that I've never met before.

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Azul | May 2020


I took the Improv session with Alyssa - I cannot recommend it enough! I had a ton of fun! She’s super enthusiastic and encouraging and crazy funny so it was really easy to get into it. I love her!!!!

Brittany | May 2020


This class was great! I am a completely new to role play games but Alyssa and Trevor made it so easy to go along with and understand. The way they teach this along with improv techniques really made this a unique and fun place to play and explore some new talents :)

Natalie | April 2020


We played a Cthulhu one-shot and it was a great introduction to the system for someone who'd never payed before. Alyssa was great!

Chris | April 2020


Really good time! Recommend for everyone

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