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GM Experience: 15 years

Favorite Games: D&D 5e, Scion, Star Wars, L5R, Powered by the Apocalypse, and Pathfinder

Favorite Character: Sofia Casper, Scion to Tezcatlipoca, Disaster Bi Mess and Mom friend to everyone. She was Queen of the Lost, a cult formed to bring people harmed by the supernatural, divine, and profane together into one big family.

Fun Fact: I'm a 1st Degree Blackbelt in Taeknowdo and I'm pretty sure that makes me at least a 3rd level Monk IRL.



Reason for GMing: Telling stories is my way of living life, coping with its stresses, and enjoying new things. Telling these stories with friends, other enthusiasts, helps bring amazing things into this world. I don't ever want to stop, and I want to help show more and more people why this is so amazing.

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