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GM Experience: 2 years

Favorite Games: Dnd 5e, Pathfinder 2e, Call of Cthulu, Monster of the Week (PbtA)

Favorite Character: Nugget, the goblin sorcerer who made his living as a fortune teller and harassing authority.

Fun Fact: Nothing is more relaxing then playing a simulator game while listening to chill music.


Reason for GMing: The amazing stories that we can share after the adventure. The bad and the good.


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Azul | June 2020


Kevin’s Lost Temple of Kingda Ka and What Lies in the Corn were awesome. If you’re looking for a short fun game to play I highly recommend these 2. Kevin is amazing - fun thought out world building and super helpful with character creation and during the game itself - he makes it work easily for whatever level you are and makes the whole experience immersive fast paced and magical!

Eric | June 2020


the game was fun, the GM was good spirited and provided a memorable event out of a one shot adventure.

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