GM Experience: Two years

Favorite Games: Savage Worlds, D&D. League of Wizards

Favorite Character: My favorite character was a very loyal Lawful Neutral Inquisitor named Vannik. He worked for the deity Pharasma, aka the Lady of Graves. If you got in the way of this party's mission, he had no qualms making "more bones for the bone yard." Good times.

Fun Fact: I am a trained sommelier. Not that's it's done me much good lol



Reason for GMing: I really like trying to thread different sessions together so players can unravel mysteries and see the results of their actions. Seeing the bonds that get created as they start to form is awesome, and knowing that you helped facilitate it just makes it even better! It’s so great when everyone is laughing and amazing inside jokes are formed.

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Nicole | April 2020

I love Matt, he's awesome. Will definitely book his games again

Sean | April 2020


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