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GM Experience: 12 years

Favorite Games: D&D 5e, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Vampire the masquerade V20, Symbaroum, Shadowrun 5e

Favorite Character: Theotaurus Porthitis, a Minotaur Barbarian who becomes the chosen champion of Poseidon and is later reborn as a Paladin.

Fun Fact: My brain never shuts off, any time a theme is mentioned, or I get a good idea going, by the end of the day I can have characters or whole campaigns written out.



Reason for GMing: At first: because I had to since my GM quit a game of AD&D 2e and I was the only one who took over, after that, because I enjoy it.

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John W | July 2020


Had a great time with my party of 5. Our DM had a handful with us as it was our first game. Not sure he realized up front how green we were. Mike (Louthinator) was able to answer ALL our questions. I should note that included a bit of a dive into the D&D Pantheon as I was trying to figure out which patron my warlock would prefer. Thanks for the game!

Jon P | July 2020


Recently finished a 5 person play through of 'A Hunt to Remember' with Louthinator/Mike. The guy is a great and imaginative storyteller who was super patient with a group of first time players. Could not recommend enough the service/this DM enough.

Christian R | July 2020


First time and had a good time. It was an honest joke how poorly we rolled, but Mike made it a fun time.

Charles S | July 2020


Just finished a 5 man team 'A Hunt To Remember' with Louthinator/Mink. He was patient and a great storyteller with a group of first timers at this. I do recommend him for any future gaming, as a DM.

Easton | July 2020


I had my first paid session with mike louth and he was very professional. He had all his notes and he listened to every player without wasting time. He was very good at answering questions. The service is great and i had one of my best games of dnd for 17 bucks (For 5 hours mind you). I highly suggest you go and try it out. 5 stars for the website, and 5 stars for mike louth

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