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GM Experience: 2 years

Favorite Games: DND 3,4,5 Pathfinder 1&2, Pokemon RPG, Unknown Armies, LoTFP, Warhammer 40k, FATE and more

Favorite Character: This is hard, but Scree my Goblin Rogue Ranger. If we play together or talk much you'll probably hear a lot about him. His shenanigans were endless and in the campaign, he and the party accidentally toppled 6 countries

Fun Fact: I have played with the same group, in the same world for 11 years, passing the gm roll back and forth.



Reason for GMing: I have always loved telling stories. I wrote short stories and novels all throughout school, went to college for CGT to make movies, and found my love for GMing. I love crafting a narrative for my players and watching them react to the events that are unfolding

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