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GM Experience: 30+ years

Favorite Games: Pathfinder 1, Star Wars Saga, D&D 3.5

Favorite Character: Wookiee Smuggler (basically Han and Chewie all in one) was great fun!

Fun Fact: I taught grammar in the classroom and manners in the bar. I've spent 20 years teaching English concurrent with 15 years doing security and bar management.



Reason for GMing: Being a game master is a creative outlet for my eager imagination as well as a special kind of friendly social interaction.

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Kyle C | July 2020


I have been playing with Ryan for a few years now, He is a creative and dedicated GM. He is able to teach new players to progress quickly and is always a blast! Great voices, interesting in depth NPC's and a great storyteller.

Steve J | July 2020


Ryan was great. He DMed a group I was in, we were all 1st timers and he taught us well without too much hand holding and just enough "learning" moments. I had a great time. Bonus he has lego minis!

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