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GM Experience: 6 years

Favorite Games: 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Favorite Character: Ekemon Rieta, a Neutral Good Tiefling Wizard (Abjurer) who wanted to be ready for anything, but was terribly indecisive and frequently had a devil of a time trying to decide which spells he would prepare in the morning.

Fun Fact: I'm a self-taught Rogue in lockpicking and parkour. I have a nifty website/blog/YouTube channel about RPGs



Reason for GMing: D&D 5e and I both showed up on the RPG scene at the same time. At 12, I devoured all my Dad's rulebooks from every edition, and I've been playing ever since. I love testing the limits of a system and determining how worlds respond to player actions.

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David M | July 2020


Tycho ran an enjoyable retro adventure for us to clear out a cave. The NPCs had good personalities. There was a nice mix of battle and role play. Also the dungeon reveal in roll20 was fun.

Jason W | June 2020


Our DM Tycho did an amazing job bringing the Keep of the Borderlands to life. I've wanted to play that module since I saw it on the shelf of the hobby store when I was a kid and Tycho did not disappoint. A classic dungeon crawl our entire party enjoyed. His character voices alone make him great, but his ability to describe a scene completely; sounds, smells, texture really put us there. Well done, Tycho! We will be back!

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