Gotham: In the Shadow of The Bat

-Custom Campaign -

Four 4 Hour Sessions   •   $10 per Player

Hosted by Jamin



Gotham... A city unlike any other in the world. The shadows are longer. The police are more corrupt. The criminals are more dangerous. And the heroes? Well, they're a completely different breed


It's almost like Gotham itself is a sentient demon that sucks the souls out of any who inhabit it. This is a game unlike any other you've played. This is personal. This is intimate. You are the star. Gotham is a noir/suspense/personal horror game with superhero elements mixed in. This game is Theatre of The Mind and very heavy on puzzles and social interactions with well-crafted, well-performed protagonists and antagonists. This is your opportunity to interact with the psychotic criminals that are trying to destroy the very place YOU grew up in. Will you be a hero and work alongside the Batman Family and beat the villains? Or would it be more fun to join them? This game is about as non-linear as it gets, folks. The game changes and evolves to fit your play style. There is no illusion of freedom here. You truly do control your destiny and decide which path your character will take.


THERE WILL BE NO PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS TO CHOOSE FROM. You can talk with me on Discord and create your own personal denizen of Gotham City. We'll craft your backstory and motivations together. We'll work together to create a story that is truly one of a kind. Both PG-13 and R rated games available.


Welcome to Gotham City. May God have mercy on your soul...



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What To Bring: Nothing but the smile on your face. Also a microphone.

How To Prepare: Players must have an account on Roll20 and on Discord. Both are free services!

When To Arrive: If this is your first game on Zero Session, you MUST arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you have time to fix any issues that may arise with your accounts or hardware. This is pretty important.

Player & GM Safety: Sometimes games have content or situations where a player or GM may feel stressed out, unsafe, or be otherwise not having fun. Games on Zero Session are protected by our Quality Standards, but if after reading our Quality standards you find that there is content or situations that you are concerned about coming up during your session, please tell your Game Master. If anything happens during the session that you are not comfortable with, please speak up or direct message your GM or a member of the Zero Session team.






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