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Keep on the Borderlands

- D&D 5e -

One 4 Hour Session   •   $17 per Player

Hosted by Tycho





Experience one of the oldest and most well-known classic adventures from original First Edition D&D, converted to Fifth Edition rules! See where the roots of adventure lead you and your friends!


Dungeon Module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands


On the edge of the maps of the Realm of mankind lie the Borderlands, where the forces of Evil and Chaos lurk. Groups of monsters abound in the Borderlands, threatening the security and lives of all who pass through the region. Wayfarers approaching the Keep on the Borderlands–one of the last bastions of civilization standing before the dangers beyond the Realm–are surrounded by rumors about the legendary Caves of Chaos: a series of caverns a short distance to the northeast from the Keep itself. The Caves of Chaos are known to hold the lairs and treasures of monsters aplenty, and brave adventurers will wish to test their skill and earn fame and fortune untold for themselves! That is, assuming they survive the innumerable perils of the Caves...


"The Keep on the Borderlands" was written by Gary Gygax and published by TSR Hobbies, Inc. in 1980, and was one of the first examples of pre-made official D&D adventure content available for purchase. It was designed for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, with the intention of introducing and guiding newer players to the game, and provided additional rules for wilderness adventures. It is still considered one of the best D&D adventures today.


This adventure will be converted directly to Fifth Edition D&D from the original 1980 printing of the adventure module by the GM, Tycho! It is an easily accessible and highly enjoyable adventure for a lower-level party (levels 1-4 or so) of adventurers, and players with any amount of experience with 5e D&D. Players are welcome to create their own characters or use pre-made characters.


This original dungeon crawl has it all! From kobolds to evil priests, minotaurs to ogres, the dark depths of the Caves of Chaos are never the same twice, and this is a classic adventure module you'll want to return to again and again!


Character creation specs:

1. Ability Scores: Standard ability score array or 27 point buy system

2. Equipment: Standard class equipment, please! (There will be ample opportunity to purchase any additional odds and ends your character may need)

3. Resources used for character creation beyond what is printed in the 5e Player's Handbook (whether official sourcebooks or unofficial homebrew/UA) must be cleared with the GM prior to character creation.

4. Parties should be at or near the same level (margin of 1 level).

5. New characters should be created at first level. If the party wishes to attempt a more difficult dungeon delve, there may be one or more extra levels granted before the session begins.

6. Characters may be reused between sessions if a returning player would like to explore another challenging cavern with the same adventurer!




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What To Bring: Nothing but the smile on your face. Also a microphone.

How To Prepare: Players must have an account on Roll20 and on Discord. Both are free services!

When To Arrive: If this is your first game on Zero Session, you MUST arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you have time to fix any issues that may arise with your accounts or hardware. This is pretty important.

Player & GM Safety: Sometimes games have content or situations where a player or GM may feel stressed out, unsafe, or be otherwise not having fun. Games on Zero Session are protected by our Quality Standards, but if after reading our Quality standards you find that there is content or situations that you are concerned about coming up during your session, please tell your Game Master. If anything happens during the session that you are not comfortable with, please speak up or direct message your GM or a member of the Zero Session team.







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