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We're a group of tabletop gamers, and most of us made our livings in the tourism industry in New Orleans (walking tours!). When we suddenly lost almost all of our income due to the Coronavirus quarantine, we had to figure something out asap.


We wanted to create a business to support ourselves, but we also wanted to find some way to help other people in the same situation as us. We wrote down all our skills and interests, and ideas started coming. Of course, we’re all big tabletop gamers, both online and in person (and we started /r/rpghorrorstoriescheck it out!), so it just made sense to create a quality controlled online platform where passionate Game Masters like us can make some money doing what we love. We're also offering classes and workshops to help GMs and Players build their RPG skills.

Finding a solid weekly game used to be tough, but not anymore! Now you can book a game as easily as buying tickets to a show. Everyone in the game is protected by our Quality Standards, with the guarantee of a full refund if those standards are not met.

Because of the Coronavirus Quarantine all of our games and classes take place online using Roll20 and Discord, BUT once the quarantine is lifted and things get back to normal we'll open Zero Session up to both online and in-person games!


Trevor and Alyssa Endymion sm.jpg
Carlos Mardi Gras sm.jpg
Matt Mardi Gras sm.jpg

Here we are enjoying Mardi Gras, during the Before-Times.

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