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We guarantee that all game sessions will meet our quality standards, or your money back. Players and especially Game Masters should become familiar with these standards.

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Note: All participants on Zero Session must be 18 or older, or accompanied by a legal guardian.

These rules are not comprehensive and do not address all manner of offensive behavior. As such, we shall investigate any behavior reported or deemed inappropriate.


All participants in an online session must have a functional microphone. Any severe audio issues must be addressed, or that person may be unable to take part in the session.


A given campaign’s sessions should occur on the same day at the same time each week / two weeks / month, unless all players and the GM agree to a new time.


Players and GMs are expected to be present and logged into the Roll20 game and the Discord channel at least five minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.


Please remember everyone is on the same team! Cooperation and mutual respect is a necessary part of a successful quest as well as a successful session.



“Chaotic Stupid” isn’t a valid alignment! "It's what my character would do" can kill a campaign slowly or even all at once. Please don’t be That Guy/Girl/Person.


Sexual assault, rape, and/or racism are not acceptable themes in games listed on Zero Session. Game Masters should make sure their players are comfortable with the game and its themes.


If you have an issue during a session, please tell your GM, even if it’s in a private direct message. We want your experience to be the best it can be, and open and honest communication is the key!


Any players disruptive to the session will be asked to “tone it down.” If the issue remains, the GM may remove the disruptive players from the session. No refunds will be given in this case.


If you have any serious issues with your GM, please contact Zero Session directly and we will work to resolve the problem. You will receive a full refund if any of our  Quality Standards have been broken by said GM.


Game Masters are expected to be prepared to run the session and begin on time. They need to be familiar with Roll20, Discord, and the game system they are running.


Game Masters are expected to know the setting and story they are running. Players will make unexpected moves, and the GM needs to be ready to adapt the story.


Game Masters are expected to keep the game moving. Joking around and being social is important to a session, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the flow of the game.


Game Masters are expected to go over any major house rules or “weird game themes” at the start of the session, and should be receptive to player input. We’re all in this together!


If a Game Master is running a module that Roll20 has available for purchase, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the GM purchase the module. The Roll20 modules can vastly improve everyone's experience. They're great!

Thank you for reading our quality standards.

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