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While some game systems have the setting and story built right into the rules, others like Fate and Savage Worlds are built to easily work with any genre or setting.





Genre: Any          Learning Curve: Moderate

Savage Worlds makes Players feel like “pulp” action heroes (think Indiana Jones or John Wayne). Players and important NPCs are “Wildcards” while everyone else in the world is an “Extra.” Guess who can get more done. With its trademark fast-paced combat and gameplay, Savage Worlds games have an action/adventure cinematic feel.


The dice system is one of my personal favorites out of all the tabletop RPGs I’ve played. For one thing you get to use your FULL dice set. Yes, you will be rolling all of them all the time (except the d20, interestingly enough). Secondly, your dice rolls can “explode,” making the game unpredictable and “savage.” Character’s aren’t restricted to a certain “class,” and character creation and progression is easy and allows for deep customization.

Savage Worlds is the best tabletop RPG for fast paced, action-oriented gameplay that isn’t restricted to one genre.


Genre: Any!          Learning Curve: Easy

Fate offers a flexible system that allows the GM to say “yes” to the Players more often than not. It’s focused on character development and hard choices, choices which drive the narrative. Players have the option to force a success where there was failure, but they must ask themselves what they are willing to give up to win.

In Fate, Players are actually rewarded for bad things happening to their characters (in a round-about way). This really helps build narrative depth, as Players in other game systems will tend to do everything they can to keep their Player Character out of harm's way.


Fate is the best tabletop RPG for satisfying character-based storytelling that isn’t restricted to one genre.



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