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I recommend the Shadowrun and Star Wars TTRPG systems because they each have an incredibly interesting and exciting setting. Their rule systems are built to support their settings and it shows. These two systems do exactly what they set out to do!





Genre: Cyberpunk Fantasy           Learning Curve: Hard

Shadowrun is a dystopian cyberpunk re-imagining of the world, with fantasy races and magic thrown into the mix. Perfect for deckers, mages, and street samurai alike. In this intensely interesting version of the future, draconian MegaCorporations rule the world. Players take the role of mercenaries called Shadowrunners who pull jobs ranging from beating up gangers for protection money, to breaking into a MegaCorp’s HQ and stealing a prototype security program. Shadowrun features complex and realistic gameplay, at the cost of a steep learning curve. But an experienced Game Master can make it a lot smoother!


Shadowrun is the best tabletop RPG for complex character customization in a unique Sci-fi / Fantasy setting


Genre: Sci Fi           Learning Curve: Moderate

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to harness the force and move things around with your mind? Well now’s your chance! The Star Wars TTRPG system lets Players play as smugglers, bounty hunters, rebel soldiers, and, of course, Jedi! It has a unique Narrative Dice System that ensures every dice roll results in something interesting, keeping the story moving. The gameplay is fast paced and the combat feels cinematic, as does the storytelling. Character customization is open-ended, allowing Players to personalize their character. There are great beginner sets available, broken down by the sort of characters you’d like to play


Star Wars is the best tabletop RPG for exploring the Star Wars universe

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