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Crafting Your One Shot

- A Two Session Workshop -

Back to back Saturdays at 4 PM CST •  4 Hour Sessions

Booking Note: This workshop is split into two Sessions. Book your first Session and your next Session will take place one week later (same day, same time).

One Shots are mini-adventures which are completed in a single session, often using pre-made characters. In this two session workshop you'll learn the fundamentals of crafting a great One Shot in our first session, write a One-Shot outline and create pre-made characters, then workshop them with the instructor and the group in session two.

At Zero Academy we teach the Modular One-Shot method which is a flexible way to craft an adventure. A one shot ends when the session ends, so the main plot usually needs to wrap up within 4 hours or so. In the Modular One-Shot method you'll create the first and last scene the players will play through, as well as several in between scenes that fit together, but are not all necessary to the plot. This way you can add in or remove scenes depending on the Player's actions / how long is left in the session.

By the end of this workshop you will have crafted a solid, original one-shot that you can run for your group, or even list on Zero Session! If you want to write a kickass original One-Shot, we'd love to have you! 

This workshop is intended for Game Masters who have run at least a few sessions. You should be familiar with basic Tabletop RPG concepts. The concepts studied in this workshop apply generically to storytelling, game flow, and character, and are not specific to any one game system. Use your favorite!

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Michael | April 2020


I really enjoyed this workshop. They make it so easy to write up a one shot and the group discussions and feedback were really helpful.

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