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Improv for

Role-Playing Games

- A One Session Class -

Saturdays at 6 PM CST •  One 3 Hour Session

Improvisation is an important skill in life, and even more important when role-playing! Whether you're a GM or a Player you'll often speak "in character," and this class will help you do that with more confidence! We'll do fun RPG improv exercises, cover the fundamentals of improv, and teach you how you can apply them to your role-playing. We'll cover alignments, in-game relationship building, roleplaying tips, storybuilding, how to jazz up your character, and more, ending with an event called the Festival of Funtimes! The class will take place in Roll20 so that we can practice some real in game scenarios complete with characters and maps. Plus, you'll get a handout that includes everything you've learned.

This class provides a no-judgement, supportive environment where you can practice your role playing in a series of improv games and situations and you'll learn core improv concepts and tricks that will help you breathe life into your characters. Plus, it'll be a lot of fun! At the end of every class we'll read some of the crazy and hilarious stories that we've created together (and I'll give you a copy if you'd like).

An example of one of the many funny exercises that we've done.

I brandish my beautiful glowing sword in the moonlight

It reminds me of Sven and the time we spent together on Mount

Kilamonjaro. The days we had together were short but beautiful.

Though it was cold on the mountain it was warm in my heart

By day we drew swords by night we did other things

Such as roasting marshmallows and staring at each other platonically

But then finally the night had come and I finally had to fulfill my mission

Sadly I had been paid by outside sources to kill Sven, and I was dreading it

I looked into the windows to his soul and then looked down at the knife in my cloak

The knife reminded me of Bjorn and all the nights that we had spent together on Mount

Kilamonjaro. The very place that I brought him.

Because like Bjorn he will have to die

Ah, to be a mercenary.

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Azul | June 2020


I took the Improv session with Alyssa - I cannot recommend it enough! I had a ton of fun! She’s super enthusiastic and encouraging and crazy funny so it was really easy to get into it. I love her!!!!

Brittany | May 2020


This class was great! I am a completely new to role play games but Alyssa and Trevor made it so easy to go along with and understand. The way they teach this along with improv techniques really made this a unique and fun place to play and explore some new talents :)

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