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Roll20 Game Changers

- A One Session Class -

Wednesdays at 6 PM CST •  One 3 Hour Session

So you've been using Roll20 for a while, but you're not sure you're getting the full potential of the platform. The Roll20 API has some incredible features, and most people have never even heard of them. But no longer! After this class you'll be ready to unleash everything Roll20 has to offer and truly up your game.



Pro Level Subscription to Roll20


Course Overview

This course will present an overview of some of the advanced features available in Roll20, including implementation and demonstration of:

Offerings available in the Roll20 API library

Scripts available through the Roll20 community forums

Dynamic Lighting

Custom Character Sheets


Course Objectives

At the end of this course, successful students will be able to:

Implement and use API functionality in their games

Use Dynamic Lighting and related features to enhance their pages

Create and implement custom character sheets.

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